Marketing & PR Manager

Çırağan Palace Kempinski İstanbul


Tell us a little bit more about you and your career background within Kempinski.

I have been working in this iconic property since 2012, starting as a trainee in the Reservations and Revenue department for a 4 month program. One year later, I was offered a second trainee opportunity in the Human Resources Department. One month into this opportunity, I was offered a permanent job as a PR Executive by the PR manager at the time. With great passion for communications, I started as a Public Relations Executive in 2013 and am currently working as Marketing and PR Manager at Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul. I’m grateful that I am about to turn 9 years here at this legendary property. 

What do you like about Kempinski?

Being a Marketing and PR team member here at Çırağan Palace is like doing my most desired thing every day. I have a great passion for this field of work and every day is a new chapter here at Çırağan Palace Kempinski. After work, I always leave with at least one significant memory. As a loyal and passionate employee, I am surely reflecting my passion in this job and brand all the time. With great synergy with the team, we do great things together. 

The Kempinski brand is like a very luxurious and precious hospitality school for me. This is what differentiates itself from other companies. Also, it is not just a hotel; it is a real palace which dates to the 17th century, and I feel very lucky to work here in a heritage and prestigious hotel. 

I have experienced many memorable moments throughout these 9 years. But the most memorable ones for me were when meeting important and well-known celebrities, directors, and journalists while being able to witness amazing weddings. My favourite thing about my job is that it brings a great network. From the moment that I started working here, I have gained many friends and colleagues from all around the world. I have had the chance to become familiar with various cultures from various countries. 

What are two unknown facts about your hotel? Any hidden treasures?

The ground that surrounds the hotel is 47,600 sq m (512,362 sq ft), which is the equivalent of approximately eight football stadiums. Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul is also to serve as the inspiration and setting for many books such as The Çerağan Palaces, Letter From a Stranger, The Imperial Harem of the Sultans that are still on shelves today. 

The Historical Hammam! It is the most unique point of the palace. There is a very interesting history behind. When the fire in 1910 destroyed the entire interior of the Çırağan Palace, the only piece that survived was The Historical Hammam. As it is made of marble, this historical hidden gem is standing in with all its beauty despite this disaster. Now, it is used as the perfect and very exclusive place for intimate events.

Your Favourite Guest Moment?

My favourite guest moment is a story that started from our social media platform. We received a direct message from one of our Instagram followers. She asked for information about reservations for our restaurants, however, the Gazebo Lounge was walk-in only. Regardless, she said she would visit our lounge with her friends on a specific date. Afterwards I familiarised the Gazebo team with her profile requesting that we refer to her by name and provide her a selection of macarons since I recognized her sweet tooth for it. Upon her arrival to the Gazebo Lounge, we were really able to wow her by personalising her visit. She was really surprised and thanked us. After her visit, she started to follow our Instagram account and always shared very nice comments. I believe we earned another great brand ambassador.