Daniel, Executive Assistant Manager

Kempinski Hotel Yinchuan

Your passion shapes our identity

How has your experience with Kempinski been so far?

I come from a hospitality family in the third generation and  I can share that I’m very proud to say that I have been with the Kempinski family for over 13 years already. I have had the great privilege to work in Germany twice including my apprenticeship, the Middle East for 6 years and now in China for more than 3 years. When I moved abroad for the first time, to start my assignment in Abu Dhabi at the Emirates Palace, I still remember very well the moment when I was standing for the first time in the Hotel Lobby. I felt so proud to work for this great company. Even today after all these years, I always found or have been given the challenges that I was seeking. For me, Kempinski hasn’t just been the place that I work at, but a strong reliable partner in my career till today that even shaped me personally. I was able to work in seven different Kempinski hotels in over 13 years and knowing all these great people that met till today, makes it a very special experience for me.

What do you like most about your job?

To work with people is the greatest thing about my job, especially when we are hosting large catering groups or in-house events. This is when it truly shows how important teamwork is and what you can achieve together. Last year we had one of the busiest days. We were running on full occupancy at the Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center, almost all restaurants were fully booked, especially the Paulaner Bräuhaus was serving over 1,600 guests, in banqueting we had a large group and we were catering for 6,000 guests at an outside venue – I will never forget when the day finally ended in the early morning the next day and we celebrated our teams efforts on this day. So when you ask me, what I really like and appreciate about my job, it is the people “the team” you can work with and you can achieve so much if you really care about them and drive them to performance, no matter where in the world. They will appreciate your efforts and they will always be there for you, even though after some years and you are working already for a different Kempinski property. Throughout my over 13 years with Kempinski, I always had the feeling to be part of one big family and it felt always like being home when I entered into a new Kempinski hotel operation, a perfect example is my latest assignment as Executive Assistant Manager at the Kempinski Hotel Yinchuan. Managing currently the hotel for over 6 months, during the absence of a GM, I was able to embrace the Kempinski spirit also at this part of China and it felt like home already after days, being still very far from home, however this is only possible with the right people and this is key for our hotel operations and for me personally.

What does great luxury service mean to you?

For me, a beautiful performance and a true luxurious service is when you could exceed the guests expectation; when you are able to build an authentic and very special connection, as well as delivering a truly exceptional service, that will be remembered and shared by our guests. I remember my time with Kempinski in Dubai as an Events Manager at the Kempinski Hotel & Residences Palm Jumeirah. I always promised marrying couples that I will personally serve the wedding cake at their ceremony and I did. Of course, this is an important event in their lives and I wanted to assure them everything would go smoothly, so they could enjoy most of their important day. Till today many of those couples are still in contact with me and share their great anniversary moments with me that I treasure so much.