Public Area Supervisor

Kempinski Hotel Adriatic


Tell us a little bit more about yourself and your career background.

My journey began in 2015 with a desire for change. I embraced an opportunity in the hospitality sector, starting as a housekeeping room attendant. Progressing through the ranks, I transitioned to a public area attendant. In 2019, I briefly shifted to a different hotel as a housekeeping manager before returning to Kempinski a year later. By 2020, I had advanced to the role of public area coordinator, overseeing cleanliness standards across various areas of the hotel. The following year, I achieved a significant milestone by being promoted to public area supervisor, leading a team of 10 individuals. In recent years, in addition to my public area duties, I have assumed leadership of a team of 21 villa staff, further broadening my managerial scope within the organisation.


What is your favourite thing about your job?

My greatest joy lies in the responsibility I hold for my area and team, ensuring both excel in cleanliness and performance. Witnessing my team operate at their peak brings me immense satisfaction. I thrive on learning and constantly explore new chemicals and machinery to enhance our efficiency. Challenges invigorate me, whether it is mediating conflicts among team members or acquainting myself with new areas of the hotel, such as overseeing part of the villa team this year. I find solace in organisation, preferring to set things in chronological order, and I value adherence to rules and regulations, finding comfort in their structure and reliability.


How is Kempinski different from other places where you have worked?

Kempinski’s exceptional dedication to its employees, evident in its genuine concern and recognition of individuals, sets it apart. Personally, the ‘People Oriented’ DNA value profoundly resonates with me as it underscores the significance of recognising each employee as a distinct star in our organisational galaxy. This entails comprehending their needs, strengths and areas for growth. As supervisors and managers, our mission is to foster an environment where every team member feels empowered to flourish within our collaborative team. By championing their development and supporting their journey, we ensure that each individual radiates their unique brilliance, enriching the collective success of our organisation.


What advice would you give to someone considering joining, or someone who has just joined, Kempinski?

To our new team members, I offer this heartfelt advice: embrace learning, actively listen and persevere in pursuit of your dreams. Remember, the entire Kempinski family is here to support you every step of the way. Trust in our commitment to stand by you, guide you and encourage you on your journey. Together, we will work to turn your aspirations into meaningful successes and ensure your growth and fulfilment in our company.


Are there any interesting facts about your hotel property?

I firmly believe in the strong bonds shared among our team members here at our property. Many employees forge deep connections and genuinely look out for each other, fostering a warm and supportive environment. It is heartening to see how well our team members get along, even outside of work, as they often socialise during their leisure time. We will soon be celebrating a significant milestone as 11 employees of Kempinski Hotel Adriatic mark their 15-year anniversary with us, a testament to the enduring camaraderie and loyalty within our community.