Front Office Supervisor

Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra


Please introduce yourself and explain how you started your career with us.

I’m David Peacock Ghartey, a passionate, purposeful and self-driven hospitality professional with a core interest in exceeding guests’ satisfaction and a twice-as-tall team player. I am currently taking a Diploma Course in Communication Studies to enable me to improve the essence of life through communication. I have seven years’ experience in the hospitality industry, but I joined Kempinski in 2018. I look back in time, and I must admit that joining Kempinski is the greatest career decision I have ever made.

What is your favourite or most memorable Kempinski moment?

I remember my third month of employment when I was invited by my manager to attend a Town Hall meeting. It was the first time I had witnessed a huge employee gathering. There was a display where staff received recognition for guests’ reviews. I gasped as, luckily, I found myself on the podium as I received applause for my good work. The feeling didn’t give me just a sense of belongingness, as I also felt motivated and appreciated.

My favourite thing about my job is the realisation that service failure isn’t a sign of incompetence but, rather, an opportunity to turn the narrative into a positive one and win guests’ loyalty. It always keeps me on my toes.

What do you love most about your team?

What I love most about my hotel is my team members and how everyone works in harmony towards attaining occupational growth and development. “Madanfo Pa” in Ghanaian means “My Best Friend”, and it is an HR strategic activity we implement here which aims to encourage healthy relationships amongst us.

What do you like about Kempinski?

Kempinski invests so much in developing talents and developing skills for its employees, who are its greatest assets. I pride myself on being associated with a reputable brand as we have also improved my teamwork and leadership skills through training and, most importantly, my confidence level. We have an open-door policy which gives zero room for workplace toxicity and makes training an everyday thing, from senior to junior staff.

What is your favourite guest moment?

A guest once declined a wake-up call proposal after she had informed me that she had an early flight to catch and enquired about the distance from the hotel to the airport. Due to the engagement, I got to know about her flight details. I gave her a “wake-up” call after I realised she had still not checked out. She cursed out loud about how her alarm failed her. I proactively arranged for the complimentary airport shuttle to convey her to the airport. She hurried to reception, thinking of transport, only to realise I had arranged it. She was more than pleased that I went the extra mile and saved her from missing her flight.