Executive Housekeeper

Kempinski Seychelles Resort


Tell us a little bit more about yourself and your career background.

I embarked on my journey with Kempinski on September 2011, as a room attendant, shouldering the responsibility of ensuring the utmost cleanliness and comfort for our guests. My dedication and hard work eventually led me to the opportunity to take on the role of supervisor, honing my leadership skills and contributing to the smooth operation of the hotel’s housekeeping department.

The turning point in my career came with the opportunity to become the executive assistant housekeeper. This promotion was a result of the rigorous training and development programmes provided by Kempinski, allowing me to acquire essential skills and knowledge. By the time I received this promotion, I had already built a strong foundation.

My tenure as executive assistant housekeeper was marked by a sense of autonomy, as I often found myself working independently. However, in 2021, my career journey reached a milestone when I was promoted to the position of executive housekeeper, finally overseeing the entire department.


What is your favourite thing about your job?

Working at Kempinski has given me numerous memorable experiences, but my absolute favourite aspect is undoubtedly my housekeeping team. We function as a well-oiled machine, characterised by open and effective communication. Our guiding principle is simple: if our guests are happy, we are happy. The camaraderie within the team extends beyond being mere co-workers; we are a close-knit family.

One word that encapsulates my team’s ethos is “dedicated.” This unwavering commitment has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by our remarkable achievement of ranking first in the Middle East for guest satisfaction surveys in terms of cleanliness. We continually engage in training to ensure that the services we provide are nothing short of exceptional. Our success today is a direct result of my team’s dedication.


How is Kempinski different from other places you have worked at?

What sets Kempinski apart from other establishments is the incredible array of opportunities it offers for career growth. I started my journey as a room attendant, and today, I proudly hold the position of executive housekeeper. This ascent was made possible through hard work, determination and the countless opportunities Kempinski provided along the way.

Notably, I had the privilege of gaining cross-exposure at Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea in Jordan. This experience was enriching as it allowed me to observe their practices and, in turn, share the knowledge I gained with our team in Seychelles. This spirit of collaboration and continuous improvement is a hallmark of Kempinski.


What advice would you give to someone considering joining or someone who has just joined Kempinski?

For those contemplating a career at Kempinski, I would like to emphasise that you need not arrive at the hotel with all the answers. We offer extensive training opportunities, particularly for young individuals venturing into the tourism industry. At Kempinski, we are more than just colleagues; we are a large, supportive family. I have personally identified numerous talented individuals within our workforce who have the potential to advance and grow alongside the organisation.

Any interesting fact about your hotel property?

One of the most fascinating aspects of our hotel is our cultural diversity. We are a true melting pot of cultures, where individuals from all walks of life come together to create a unique and enriching environment. This diversity is not only reflected in our team but also in the experiences we offer our guests. It’s a testament to Kempinski’s commitment to embracing and celebrating the richness of global cultures, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone who walks through our doors.

In conclusion, my journey with Kempinski has been one of unwavering dedication, growth and the discovery of a supportive family within my team. Kempinski’s commitment to excellence and opportunities for advancement have allowed me to evolve from a room attendant to an executive housekeeper. As I look to the future, I am excited about the prospect of further growth and the continued celebration of cultural diversity within our remarkable establishment.