Reservations Supervisor

Kempinski Hotel Adriatic


“Dora is both a loyal Kempinski employee of 8 years and a hardworking teammate who uses all the means at her disposal to provide unforgettable guest satisfaction at all times. Dora is always open to all new ideas for her professional development and is happy to share what she has learned with other teammates. She always supports other departments in the hotel when needed.” – Cagri Aydin, Cluster Revenue Manager 

What has your time been like at Kempinski?

I joined Kempinski Hotel Adriatic eight years ago, moving from another hotel chain. The start of this journey was challenging; however, it gave me the opportunity to grow faster and gain experience in the Reservations Department.

Kempinski Hotel Adriatic is like home to me. The connection between employees and the management is strong and makes delivering perfect service to our guests easier. Personally, these things are very important, allowing the possibility for both us and management to grow.

My favourite moment was a New Year’s celebration a few years ago. I was a part of the task force team in the F&B Department. Together with my colleagues, I contributed to guest satisfaction and happiness. The perfect night ended with beautiful fireworks.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite thing about my job is delivering beautiful performances prior to the guest’s arrival and collecting all reservation preferences in order to make guests’ stay more memorable and comfortable. Every day, we have a new challenge in our office, and this makes our job interesting and gives us new opportunities to grow.

Apart from the commercial success, the perfect guest satisfaction is the beautiful performance, and it all starts with our department. The first impression is the most important one, and we try our best to achieve the best every single day.

What makes Kempinski different for you?

Kempinski is a big family to all of us, not only within our sister property in Slovenia, but we have friends and colleagues from all over the world. Kempinski offers the unique possibility of getting experience working all over the world.

What is your favourite team moment? 

Last summer, I was part of a task force for breakfast. A guest wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a birthday cake. As it was during the rush hour on the terrace, we lost the guest’s details somehow. Together as a team, we found the guest and delivered the cake. Her smile and excitement was something money couldn’t buy. We did it!

My favourite team moment is our short trip to Venice. Even though our team leader couldn’t join us, we had a beautiful getaway and a weekend to remember. The whole hotel team and friends, whom I have met during my eight years of experience in this working environment, makes everyday tasks easier. Without colleagues and a good working environment, nothing would be the same.