Account Director

Kempinski Hotel Guiyang


Tell us a little bit about how you started your career at Kempinski.

In 2016, I sent my resume to Kempinski Hotel Guiyang, knowing nothing about the hotel industry, with a major unrelated to the hotel field. With vision and enthusiasm, I passed the interviews and finally got the opportunity to work as a sales coordinator in the Sales and Marketing Department. After working as a coordinator for 1.5 years, I then received an opportunity to take charge of the travel agency sector as a sales manager. From coordinator to sales manager, this experience meant that I became “trusted by customers”. I ushered in an upward phase of my career, facing both opportunities and challenges in 2020, when I was also promoted to Account Director, carrying on greater responsibility. Five years passed by in the blink of an eye. It was a time of growth, yet it still feels like a minor step because I am determined to continue for bigger achievements at Kempinski. With everything the future holds, I am confident to embrace the coexistence of opportunities and challenges that awaits me.

What is Kempinski like for you?

At Kempinski Guiyang, we are located in the bustling downtown area, positioned with magnificent and luxurious architectural style. The hotel industry is a very attractive industry that will allow you to gain a unique life experience. Personally transitioning from just a fresh graduate of the University of Quebec, Canada, I have learned to be more professional and self-disciplined. Kempinski is different from other hotels in a way where we are more humane, more professional. Luxury, in my opinion, is noble, unique and scarce, and this is what we offer. Dealing with people is not the easiest thing in the world, and we are doing it gracefully.

What were your most memorable moments? 

By participating in Kempinski’s 120th-anniversary celebration held by the hotel in 2017 and being able to share the grand occasion with Kempinski hotels from all around the world, I could feel the charming ambiance of true European-style luxury with an enriching history. Having been a part of that is a memory I gratefully hold. We are a lovely team, growing and sharing a learning experience. I also remember that preparing for my wedding was a very busy time for me. However, my supervisor handled all of my assigned work, allowing me to be stress-free and be able to concentrate on my personal major life event.