Commis de Rang and F&B Departmental Trainer

Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga


How would you introduce yourself and your role at Kempinski? 

I’m a purposeful, enthusiastic and hard-working person in my thirties. My job plays a big role in my life, and it contributes a lot to my overall happiness. I have been working as a waiter at Kempinski for almost two years. And this past summer, I also became the departmental trainer in F&B.

Training-related activities brings good memories. I remember being well prepared for a training session with my training manager, feeling nervous and excited about whether my colleagues would enjoy the training. After achieving positive feedback, it was a very memorable and good feeling.

“He has been instrumental as a departmental trainer for the F&B team in training and setting standards and making sure that colleagues understand why they have to do things in a particular way and what they need to do. He is a self-driven team player who likes to share his knowledge and passion.” – Peeysh Pandey, F&B Director at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga.

What is great service to you?

I would say that this is the ability to understand the needs and wishes of guests. The ability to read each individual guest’s emotions is also very important because different people have different expressions. I believe that excellence lies in the smallest details. If all this is included in the service we provide to increase returning guests – we’ve achieved great service.

I also enjoy celebrating guests’ birthdays. I like the joy we get to see in people’s eyes when we bring out a cake with burning candles. These are real emotions. Being able to give a beautiful performance – in the sense that we give people an unforgettable and memorable service. Consistency and an individual approach is very important, and what is even more important is that we as a team are united by this idea.

Why Kempinski?

First and foremost, this is a company with a long history, so we have an impressive story to tell. We have different concepts that make us unique, such as the Lady in Red, seven breakfast touches, afternoon tea ceremonies and many more. And, of course, our people; they make this place special for me. The greatest hidden treasure here is the strength and unity that exist in our team. I’m very proud of my team! I like that we can trust each other with work and even more. I enjoy my time at work, but I have also learned to balance work and leisure. I have found a recipe for a harmonious life with Kempinski.

Alongside being a great place to work, everyone is given the opportunity for personal and individual improvement – nationally and internationally. For example, I am currently at the Task Force in Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna, and I have been able to learn more skills at a different Kempinski.

“The hotel had some challenges in terms of staffing, and the business was slightly picking move when Edgar took the initiative to organise training for the breakfast service, designed the menu specification and service standards and also participated in a few classroom trainings. His enthusiasm was second to none, and the way he conducted the training was very beneficial, as most of the colleagues were new and were looking for someone to show care and empathy throughout the learning process.” – Peeysh Pandey, F&B Director at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga.

This is indeed a place I am honoured and happy to be a part of. It is really nice to know that the job you go to is your second home. I enjoy feeling like we are a family, and this is very important to me. The best part about my job is to interact with people – as equally with guests as with colleagues. It positively charges me.