Human Resources Generalist

Hotel Adlon Kempinski


“I nominated Eileen, as she was driven strongly with a very clear goal: Human Resources. I love that her enthusiasm and her strong belief have taken her via a rather unconventional approach to where she is sitting right now.” – Lucas Buchda, Human Resources Manager

Eileen’s career background within Kempinski 

“Eileen started in 2013 in our Banqueting/Breakfast division as Commis de Rang. She has been in this position for one year, after she had the happy news of becoming a mother. After her one year of maternity leave, she returned in 2015 to our Breakfast division as Commis de Rang. In 2016, Eileen left for a more administrative job, as she wanted to gain skills within the world of office management. In September 2018, she returned to be back in our Breakfast division, knowing that her goal would be HR. She is set up to be an HR generalist, though is having a huge impact on recruitment and the complete life cycle of an employee.” – Lucas Buchda, Human Resources Manager

I was ready to lead from the front and to become a cultural custodian, not just for our guests but also for our team and staff, at the property. Due to my educational administrative background and having two kids, shifts at breakfast were more convenient. Nevertheless, as time has passed, an admin role is what I came to believe is my biggest strength. 

What is your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite thing about my job is that personal and professional growth will always be provided, and I feel it is a non-stop journey in my career at Kempinski Hotels. I am challenged with new tasks day by day and the most beautiful outcomes behind them. I was always seeking a daily adventure like this, and I have finally found it. 

For my well being and my sweet devotion, I love our coffee shop Adlon To Go! It is the best in town, and the Latte Macchiato with salted caramel infusion is to die for.

Any interesting facts about your hotel? 

We are of 54 nationalities working at our hotel, which makes us super diverse.

How is Kempinski different from other places you have worked at?

You get support from any department if you are in need of help. Everybody at the Adlon would not just say “no” and not help take care of your challenges. I appreciate and value that the most.

Working at Kempinski has also given me flexibility. I am a mother of two, and I have a full-time job that works perfectly around my private schedule. I can easily organise myself and still be able to grow professionally. I feel I am totally aligned with business and leisure. I would have never believed this work life could be found in our industry. 

What is your favourite guest moment?

At breakfast, I had a couple of guests that were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, and they were so amazed by our Christmas decorations on our breakfast table, because it was beautiful to witness. Through our initiative called “My Moments”, I was able to wrap one of the decorations and send it to their room. The lady was touched, and the next day when she came for breakfast, she gave me a hug. 

What is it like being part of your team at your hotel?

In my previous department, it was truly helpful knowing there were so many mothers in the team, and I was able to get hints and tips about being a young mum. Nonetheless, now within the HR team, I love that we take the time after HR operations slow down, using evening shifts after 5:00pm, to work on specific topics or tasks altogether while enjoying some nice food.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining or someone who has just joined Kempinski?

Be your true self!