Training Manager

Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrum


Tell us a little bit more about you and your career background.

My name is Erhan Yetim, and I have had the privilege of working as the training manager at this exquisite hotel for the past two years. Remarkably, I am also celebrating my 12th year within the Kempinski family. My journey began as a housekeeping office coordinator, and it took a transformative turn after my introduction to Kempinski. Soon after, I was presented with various Task Force opportunities, and I had the chance to work in different countries such as Ghana, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles and Bahrain. These experiences not only broadened my horizons but also provided me with invaluable training opportunities.

My continuous journey of self-improvement within our hotel has led me to the position I always aspired to. I am confident there are even greater achievements on the horizon. My passion for tourism started in childhood, and I was always excited to make friends and strike up conversations with travellers visiting the ancient city near my hometown. Sharing the knowledge I gained from them with others was truly fulfilling.


What is your favourite thing about your job?

While I find joy in every aspect of my job, the most gratifying and satisfying part is witnessing the sparkle in the eyes and the eager expressions on the faces of our new colleagues during our ‘Orientation’ programmes. Their interest gradually intensifies, and they often gather around me for minutes, sometimes even hours, seeking more knowledge and eagerly asking questions after our training sessions.

Introducing our hotel and sharing the story of our main pool, including the inspiration behind the iconic towers within it, is particularly enjoyable. Observing the change in their perspectives and the expression of enlightenment on their faces after hearing about our pool’s story is truly delightful to me. It is moments like these that make my role exceptionally rewarding.


How is Kempinski different from other places where you have worked?

What distinguishes Kempinski from other hospitality brands are the five DNA values that everyone in the family is familiar with or learns about after joining. These values bring a new dimension to the hospitality industry, and you learn to cherish every moment of this exciting journey.

For example, once you embrace the ‘Creating Traditions’ value, it quickly becomes a part of your professional and personal life. You begin to create and commemorate new customs and processes at every opportunity, and you do so with genuine joy.

Speaking of our values, ‘Passion for European Luxury’ is my personal favourite, as it has taught me to focus on continuous learning in my social life. I have learned to appreciate how simplicity and small details can add vibrant colours to life.


What advice would you give to someone considering joining or someone who has just joined Kempinski?

Allow me to emphasise that Kempinski is truly an academy, welcoming you to a world of endless learning and development. This journey is so profound that it may pleasantly surprise you by taking you beyond the boundaries of your dreams. My advice is to closely follow the training programmes related to our five DNA values and to look up to the managers who serve as role models, for these values are the essence of a 126-year-old experience that can profoundly impact your career.


Any interesting facts about your hotel property?

I would like to share an interesting fact about our hotel property that only a few of our guests are aware of. There is a hidden path that I would like to mention; when you start walking through the olive trees from the quiet area of Barbarossa Beach, which is one of the most beautiful hotel beaches in Bodrum, you will find yourself in what feels like the rugged landscape of a classic Aegean Island. You might think you have lost yourself in the silence and endless blue of the Aegean Sea, but worry not. As you continue walking, you will eventually reach the sundeck area where you can savour cold cocktails. It is a hidden gem that adds an extra layer of charm to our property, offering a unique experience for those who discover it.