Fedda, Lady in Red, Guest Relations

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich

Your authenticity gives our luxury warmth

What is your favourite thing about being a Lady in Red?

The role of Lady in Red is one of the most unique features of Kempinski, it’s such an instantly recognisable role and one with a lot of responsibility. We are the first impression of the guests, they see us and they know we are there to answer any questions they may have, if they need help, if they have any problems. We work very closely with the General Manager, almost like the hosts of a party in a home. But what I love most is, that I can only plan the first hour or two of my day where I prepare and have meetings, but the rest of my day is always new and unexpected and full of surprises. 

What do you think is the most special thing about the Vier Jahreszeiten? 

The lobby. It’s like being in the nicest living room I have ever seen. It’s beautiful with the stained glass and comfortable chairs, and dessert bar. Guests are sitting and drinking their tea or coffee or champagne. Everyone is talking and enjoying themselves. Some evenings there is even a pianist playing piano. When I first entered it took my breath away and now I’m there all the time, but it’s still incredible. 

What do you feel luxury is?

For me luxury is beyond the building, or the room, or the view. It is about the people, the service, and the feeling you get somewhere. There was one special memory that I had with a guest. She was 6 years old and staying with her family in the hotel. It was her birthday and she was very sick. She loved the movie Frozen, especially Queen Elsa, so I got to help prepare a special party for her. We had an actress come to the hotel to play Elsa and spend the whole day with her, playing, enjoying a beautiful dinner, some tea and desserts. The whole hotel team came together to create this special moment for this little girl, from the kitchen staff, to the concierge. to the Ladies in Red and housekeepers. It was very memorable for me and I hope for the little girl and her family.