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Director of Rooms – (in English)

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Make and implement the operation plan and budget plan of the housing department 制定和实施房务部的运行计划、预算计划

Optimize the management system of the room department and assign the operation and management objectives of the room department 优化房务部的管理体系,下达房务部的运行管理目标

Overall control of department overhead, fixed and variable costs, saving expenses 全面控制部门的管理费用、固定费用和变动费用,节约开支

Regularly refer to the work diary and weekly summary report of each department, supervise the work progress of each department, timely find problems, correct deviations, and deal with them 定时查阅各部门的工作日记和每周总结汇报,督查各部门的工作进度及时发现问题,纠正偏差,作出处理

Responsible for the safety, fire, health work of the department, timely grasp the new norms and regulations, according to local conditions to implement a good variety of prevention work 对本部门的安全、消防、卫生工作负责,及时掌握新的规范、条例,因地制宜的实施好各种防范工作

Familiar with the knowledge of operation management and administration within the business scope of the department, understand the knowledge of laws and regulations related to business, hotel and other operations 熟悉本部门经营范围内的经营管理和行政管理知识,了解与商业、酒店等经营有关的法律法规知识


5 star hotel area management experience, at least 1 year position experience 五星级酒店所属区域管理经验,1年以上所属职务经验

Understand and be familiar with the consumer psychology of customers and pay attention to customer needs 了解熟悉客人的消费心理关注客户需求

To be fully responsible for the operation and management of the room department and maximize the profits of the rooms 全面负责房务部的运营、管理及使客房利益最大化

Have good communication skills and customer communication ability, and advanced innovation consciousness, marketing ideas and rich experience in room management 具有良好的沟通技巧和对客沟通能力,和超前的创新意识、营销思路和丰富的房务管理经验