Kempinski Hotel Changsha China

Changsha, China

Elements Waiter / Waitress – (in English)

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To be familiar with menus, recipes and other aspects to recommend foods and beverages to guests 要熟知菜单、食品配方及其它方面的知识,以向客人推荐各种食品及饮料

Clean and polish all utensils 清洁并擦亮所有器皿

Maintain complete, clean and tidy work area and pantry 保持工作场地及餐具室内物品的齐全、干净、整洁

Add necessary cloth and operating equipment 添加所需的布品及操作设备

Perform service work according to standard manual 根据标准的手册来完成服务工作

After service, clean all meals and clean the table 结束服务后,要清理所有的饭菜,并清洁桌面


Earnest and steadfast to work, work attitude, can bear hardships and stand hard work 对工作认真踏实,工作态度端正,能吃苦耐劳

Master the necessary knowledge of food and beverage, have certain western food service skills 掌握必需的食品、酒水知识,有一定的西餐服务技能

Good health and good appearance 身体健康,仪表端正