Kempinski Hotel Changsha China

Changsha, China

Front Office Agent – (in English)

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Check the shift record, understand the transfer matters of the previous shift, and deal with them 查看交班记录,了解上一班的移交事项,并负责处理

Be familiar with the booking information, understand the guest situation, especially remember the names of the coming VIPs and regulars, understand all the activities of the hotel 熟悉预订资料,了解客情,尤其要记住即将来店的贵宾、常客的姓名,了解酒店的所有活动

Familiar with the hotel’s policies on room sales, to promote rooms to guests, strive for the best economic efficiency 熟悉酒店有关客房销售的各项政策,向来店宾客推销客房,努力争取最好的经济效益

Master the information inside and outside the store, provide accurate inquiry service 熟练掌握店内外信息,提供准确的问讯服务

Responsible for check-in procedures for guests staying at the hotel 负责为下榻酒店的宾客办理入住登记手续

Responsible for the management and distribution of room keys and strictly abide by the verification system 负责客房钥匙的管理和发放工作并严格遵守验证制度


College degree or above, good command of English, related working experience is preferred 大专以上文化程度,熟练掌握英语,有相关工作经验者优先

Cheerful personality, flexible mind, practical work, with a strong sense of service, marketing awareness and responsibility 性格开朗、头脑灵活、工作踏实,具有较强的服务意识、推销意识和责任感

Familiar with hotel guest policies, facilities and services, as well as the work level and standard of the front desk 通晓酒店各项对客政策、设施设备及服务种类以及总台工作程度和规范

Good looks and good health 相貌端正,身体健康