Kempinski Hotel Changsha China

Changsha, China

Lady in Red – (in Chinese)

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To assist the senior management of the hotel to be responsible for the overall operation of the hotel to collect information on guest service problems 协助酒店高级管理层负责及整个饭店的运作收集对客服务过程中所产生的问题信息

Work with front Office Manager to create customized itineraries for VIP guests when appropriate and coordinate VIP greetings and departures in advance 与前厅部经理协作,在适当的时候为重要客人制定定制行程,并提前协调贵宾的问候和离开

Have an in-depth knowledge of the geographical location of the hotel and the city/surrounding environment, providing geographical and tourist information to guests when necessary


Attention to detail, deep understanding of art and culture, familiar with luxury products and services industry, good etiquette foundation to create a pleasant hotel experience for guests



Bachelor degree or above, 1 year working experience in executive floor and guest relations is preferred 本科以上学历,有行政楼层及宾客关系等岗位工作经验1年以上者优先

Fluent in English, good image and temperament, height 162cm and above, proficient in computer operation, with strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills 能用流利的英语从事服务,形象气质佳,身高162cm及以上,精通电脑操作,具备较强的英文听说读写能力

Dignified appearance, love hotel work, study business, quick response, good at communication with good management and coordination ability 仪表端庄,热爱酒店工作,钻研业务,反应敏捷,善于交际具有较好的管理和协调能力

Detail-oriented, responsible, dare to take responsibility, strong executive ability 注重细节,工作有责任心,敢于承担责任,执行力较强