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Kempinski Hotel Chongqing

Conveniently connected to the Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Centre, a 30 minute drive from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. The hotel features 416 rooms and suites, and offers guests a variety of dining choices. Five innovative food and beverage options include, Elements All Day Dining Restaurant, Guo Hui Yan Chinese Restaurant, Paulaner Brauhaus, The Lounge and the Kempi Deli. For meetings and weddings, a 650 sqm Ballroom and 6 luxuriously appointed meeting-and boardrooms are available.

Training Manager

The Training Manager is responsible successfully on-board, skill and develop the hotel team through well designed and operationally viable blended learning solutions and ensure that every corporate training initiative has been successfully implemented and each hotel employee is to developed in both skills and competencies to deliver a consistent beautiful performance that creates a signature differentiation for our brand in the luxury hotel segment, and further positioning Kempinski as the employer of choice.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Establish a training network according to Kempinski standard, including spending time in operations to foster this network.

  • 根据凯宾斯基标准建立培训体系,包括融入酒店运营去完善这个体系。

  • Analyse training needs and training effectiveness.


  • Ensure that every department having corporately developed Training BITES have fully implemented these, and ensured they reflect all hotel specific policies and procedures.


  • Further develop the Training BITE Library by assisting individual Departmental Trainers in the writing and implementing hotel specific training BITES.

  • 通过协助个别部门的培训师编写BITES和实施酒店的具体培训计划,进一步开发培训课程。

  • Embed all Kempinski training programs and training tools and comprehensively track their implementation to easily evaluate attendance of required participants.

  • 加入所有凯宾斯基培训项目和运用所有培训工具,并全面跟踪其实施情况,以方便评估参训者的出勤情况。

  • Plan, design and deliver training programmes.

  • 计划、设计及推行培训课程。

  • Devise a training marketing strategy, which is evident both at the back of house and reflected in campaigns or initiatives to address training topics/themes accordingly.

  • 设计一套培训营销策略,该策略主要运用于后线部门以及反映了相应的培训主题/主题活动或计划。

  • Analyse the data on the e-learning platforms and utilize or market it to Management and Department Trainers to enhance learning performance.

  • 分析在线学习平台的数据,并推广给管理层和部门培训师们,以提高整体学习效果。

  • Coach and train managers and Departmental Trainers to improve departmental performance.

  • 指导部门培训师以提高部门绩效。

  • Works with the General Manager to coordinate relevant learning for EXCOM and HODs as per their Individual Development Program.

  • 与总经理合作,根据总经理的个人发展计划,协调行政委员会成员和总经理的相关学习。

  • Organise and supervise Kempinski DNA and brand immersion activities.

  • 组织和监督凯宾斯基DNA和品牌活动。

  • Continuously seek and support new approaches, practices and processes to improve the efficiency of the training services offered.

  • 不断寻求和支持新的方法和流程,以提高培训的效率。

  • Work together with department heads and analyse operational quality performance using the Kempinski Experience Assessment Tool (KEA) and ReviewPro; then based on the results provide remedial training solution.

  • 与部门主管合作,使用凯宾斯基体验评估工具(KEA)和ReviewPro分析运营质量绩效,然后根据结果提出补救培训方案。

  • Train and develop Training team members.

  • 培训和发展培训团队成员。

  • Complete Kempinski Experience Assessment (KEA) Checks as specified by the hotel management.

  • 按照酒店管理层的要求完成凯宾斯基KEA检查。

  • Identify potential training talent and propose & foster Master Trainer candidates.

  • 识别潜在的培训人才,提出并培养培训师候选人。

  • Ensure that the Kempinski People Training Monthly report is correctly completed on a monthly basis and the results updated in the Regional Training Consolidation Report.

  • 确保凯宾斯基培训月报表每月能正确完成,并在集团培训整合报告中更新结果。

  • In absence of a Training Coordinator, ensure that the responsibilities are fulfilled.

  • 在没有培训协调员的情况下,确保职责得到履行。

  • Lead by example and promote Kempinski’s core values.

  • 以身作则,发扬凯宾斯基的核心价值观。

  • Prepare the yearly Business Plan and Budget for the Training Department in line with all company Brand Standards together with the Heads of Department and ExCom team.

  • 根据公司的品牌标准,与部门主管和管理团队共同制定部门的年度培训计划和预算。

  • Ensure that an objective Self Audit (using the Kempinski People Training Peer & Self Audit Tool) is completed at least once per year.

  • 确保每年至少完成一次目标自我审计(使用凯宾斯基人员培训自我审计工具)。

  • Promote and implement Kempinski Corporate Training policies and procedures.

  • 促进和执行凯宾斯基的培训政策和程序。

  • Establish and foster relationships and partnerships with external suppliers, training providers, and legal and safety entities.

  • 与外部供应商、培训供应商、法律和安全实体建立良好的合作关系。

  • Understand and strictly adhere to the rules & regulations established in the employee handbook and to the hotel’s policies on fire, hygiene, health & safety.

  • 理解并严格遵守员工手册中的规章制度,以及酒店在消防、卫生、健康和安全方面的政策。

Additional responsibilities and tasks can be added at any time according to the needs of the business and of the hotel.


Desired Skills & Qualifications:

A minimum of five (5) years of experience in the hospitality industry including at least one managerial position


One (1) year in a similar position within a luxury brand


Two (2) years in an Assistant Training Manager position within a luxury brand


Ability to work and communicate in a multinational environment


Local language – excellent oral and written skills (where applicable)


English – excellent oral and written skills


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