Director of Marketing

Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok


Tell us a little bit more about yourself and your career background.

My journey in the world of hospitality started when I worked at Thai and Japanese restaurants in the United States while I was studying Hotel and Restaurant Management. This is where I discovered my passion for food, creating great service experiences and connecting with people. When I returned to Bangkok, I became a Japanese restaurant manager at one of the hotels nearby the riverside, thinking I had learned all there was to know about hospitality. But life had other plans for me.

I joined the newly opened Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok as an executive lounge manager. During my time at Kempinski, I found a new passion—marketing. I learned that creating memorable moments wasn’t just about food and service; it was also about truly understanding our guests and communicating with them in captivating ways. After spending nearly five years in the hotel industry, I decided to explore shopping mall management and marketing, which expanded my skill set.

Today, as a hotel marketer, I find myself at a crucial point in my journey. I’m equipped with a deep love for food, a commitment to providing exceptional service and care, a dedication to people and a wealth of marketing expertise.


What is your favourite thing about your job?

Working at Siam Kempinski is anything but dull. Each day brings challenges and incredible opportunities to engage in unique projects. My role sparks creativity, inspiring me to generate innovative ideas and explore collaborations with partners, including banks, luxury brands, artists, family entertainment venues and more.


How is Kempinski different from other places you have worked at?

Kempinski is all about putting people first. They create an environment where we can flourish, where they deeply care for our wellbeing and nurture everyone’s personal and professional growth. Within Kempinski’s caring culture, every team member isn’t just staff; we’re cherished members of the Kempinski family.

This dedication to both luxury and people is what makes Kempinski a motivating presence in the hospitality industry. It’s a reminder that real luxury goes beyond lavishness; it’s about the authentic connection between people and Kempinski’s shared dedication to crafting exceptional moments.


What advice would you give to someone considering joining or someone who has just joined Kempinski?

I highly recommend Siam Kempinski as a place to work, learn and achieve success. What makes this hotel special is its belief in and dedication to making our dreams and ideas come true. This encouragement, combined with our excellent teamwork and support from top management, creates the spark that leads to remarkable achievements.


Any interesting fact about your hotel property?

Siam Kempinski is like a treasure trove with over 2,000 amazing Thai contemporary art pieces, including paintings, sculptures and photographs—truly impressive! The hotel is located on Royal land with a rich history, and I feel immense pride and honour to work here every day and be a part of this special place. The hotel’s Fengshui brings positive energy to your daily work life, making it a very uplifting experience.