Lara, Human Resources Coordinator

Grand Hotel Des Bains Kempinski St. Moritz

Your development inspires us

You started your Kempinski Career as an Apprentice at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich. How would you describe your experience?

I began as an apprentice with Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich about five years ago after completing a one-year traineeship at another Kempinski hotel and was just so happy that I got the chance to do my apprenticeship in such a hotel and such a great city as Munich. Since I started I spent some time in banqueting, completed a taskforce for 2 days in Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol, and then continued in stewarding, room service, housekeeping, restaurants, front office, and now later in the training department. I spent about 3-5 months in each department and I think this gives you a very complete view of how the hotel works, and also you can try many different things to see what you like best. I am in the training department now and know that I would like to continue in training. I get to work with everyone in the hotel and I am always learning new things. It is like being in school. Sometimes I look around the hotel and can’t believe that this is my school.

What has been your most memorable moment as an Apprentice with Kempinski?

My most memorable moments as an apprentice are actually related to the same event that is organized annually. Every year, the hotel hosts a gala dinner which is planned by apprentices, for apprentices. All the new apprentices are invited to attend with their families. During the following years, as an apprentice, you take part in the planning and organization of the gala, which normally starts during the month of January. After your three-year programme, you are welcomed back as a guest to the gala, which is hosted every year in July. During my last gala organization, I was responsible for managing all things related to guest lists, invitations, tracking of RSVPs, guest preferences and any dietary requirements and restrictions. The entire event takes a lot of time, work and effort to plan and organise, but the outcome is simply fantastic. Finally, I had the honour to attend as a guest to the apprentice ball, which was as great as expected. As you sit amongst your peers and the new apprentices, you get the question of whether the three-years are worth wile. I was happy to be able to say, that the positive experiences and good stories make up for the harder days.

What do you love most about hospitality?

Every day you come to work and there are the usual things you know that have to get done, but every day is also completely different; whether it is new was to interact with guests or with your colleagues. It is never boring. There is no such thing as a “normal day”.
At Kempinski you can grow into new roles. I started my next challenge as Human Resources Coordinator at Grand Hotel des Bains St. Moritz in July 2018. Since then I have learn more about Kempinski as well as helping others and also myself to grow in our professional careers. You get to connect with apprentices and other colleagues and see people start their careers all over the world with Kempinski.