Duty Manager

Grand Hotel Kempinski Shanghai


Could you tell us a bit more about yourself and your career journey within Kempinski?

I have been working at Kempinski for nearly ten years ever since graduating from university. I was still a young student at school when I first came across Kempinski. In my sophomore year, a newly built building near my school caught my eye. Majoring in hotel management, I was attracted by the Kempinski sign and then became interested in this famous brand in the hotel industry. With the trial operation of Kempinski Hotel Chongqing, I started my journey at Kempinski as Executive Lounge Receptionist.

One and a half years later, I changed my position to Kempinski Ambassador – Lady in Red. Different positions have brought me different opportunities as well as challenges. In 2017, I was transferred to Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai, which was a more brilliant and passionate chapter. I was honoured to become Senior Lady in Red in 2020 and was promoted to Duty Manager in 2021.

How has working at Kempinski impacted on your day-to-day life, either personally or professionally?

There are great differences between school life and the workplace, and Kempinski has taught me a lot. As a front-line employee, I need to be professional and flexible. The specific requirements include controlling emotions and displaying easy charm; listening well and discovering the logic of events to solve problems successfully; and improving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

During my time at Kempinski Hotel Chongqing, I once helped a foreign customer to solve the problem he had with his bills and invoices in a timely manner. My efficient work left a deep impression on him, and he recognised me in Shanghai Street several years later. That moment made me feel so proud of myself. We became friends and have stayed in touch since then.

I think Kempinski has a magic charm, allowing people from different countries and regions to meet and get on well with each other with sincerity.

What is your favourite part about your hotel?

We are people-oriented. Our hotel often holds various kinds of events for employees, such as food festivals, birthday parties and other activities. I will never forget the care, both physically and mentally, from the hotel during the epidemic period. We were treated like family members. 

We also have a perfect training and promotion system at our hotel, which invests in developing and improving the job skills of its employees. Everybody is given equal opportunities, and they are allowed to grasp the chance as long as they have the will.

Another thing I love is the team work. Our leader is outstanding and wise. Her ability to deal with matters comprehensively, her love and care for employees and her sense of balance and responsibility for work and family are admirable. Under her leadership, we work with passion every day and have the courage to face any challenges.