Leon, Chief Accountant

Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates

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How would you describe your experience at Kempinski so far?

I have spent my entire career with Kempinski from even before I graduated school so I think something must be going right. While I was still in school I completed my first internship with Kempinski and prior to going back to finish my studies I was offered a management training opportunity in Food & Beverage. I always envisioned myself working in operations and food and beverage specifically, but I had the opportunity to do a one month cross exposure in F&B cost control which gave me a much more thorough understanding of operations by understanding the finances that drive the business. Not long after I was promoted to F&B cost controller, then manager before moving to Finance and was most recently promoted to Chief Accountant. In my career with Kempinski every time I start to get comfortable in my role, I’m offered a new challenge. Even my leader right now is obsessed with developing people. Kempinski has been like a school for me which is nice because I really like learning.

How would you describe your job?

Even though I did not know that I would work in Finance, I love my job. I get to interact with every department so I always know, and have to know, what’s happening in the hotel. And I think it’s important work. The finance department is the financial engine of the hotel and ensures the hotel runs smoothly. A lot of people think that people who work in finance or accounting are quiet and boring, so when they meet me they are pretty surprised. I’m quite outgoing and friendly. Our whole finance team is very expressive. We meet every morning, discuss issues, solve problem, and make jokes. We’re a close knit unit.

What is your favourite thing about your hotel?

Because I’ve worked here for so long, I have seen how much the hotel has changed over the years and how it has become what it is today. There have been new restaurants and renovations. Just as I have changed working here over the years, so has the hotel and it is nice to witness the hotel’s growth.