Mako, Internship

Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

Your inspiration makes us special

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Genuinely, I love seeing smiles on guests’ faces – after all that is why I love the “happytality” industry so much – that is possibly what I enjoy the most about my job. Of course there are many actions we take on a daily basis to achieve this. In this industry of emotions you need to create these emotions, craft magnificent memories for each and every single guest. One of my favorite things I do in Front Office is writing guest notes for special occasions; whether this is a birthday celebration, anniversary or any other special moment worth celebrating. For me it is not about writing a simple note, it is about understanding what the situation is, what would evoke an emotion and making each single guest feel special during their stay with us. It is not always an easy task, but it is definitely very gratifying when you hear a comment regarding your note or just a happy guest.

What is your favorite thing about your hotel?

I am lucky enough to be working at my dream hotel – dating back to the seventeenth century, a true Ottoman Empire Palace. Right on the shore of the Bosporus the hotel offers the glamour of an Ottoman Palace in a city, where Europe meets Asia and history meets timeless elegance. Imagine walking the halls of the Palace where once Ottoman Sultans lived. A place where a lifetime of stories and experiences. I personally really enjoy walking the corridors of the Palace and guiding our guests through the architecture and all the history.

What does Beautiful Performance mean to you?

For me Beautiful Performance can’t be explained, it is not a thing; it’s a feeling. It is not a standard, it is an inner voice that tells you to go above and beyond. Beautiful Performance is about being the guests’ “best friend” at the hotel. It is about emotions, about a person giving support to another person.