Reservations, Revenue Management & e-Commerce

Your attention to detail crafts our beautiful performance

On our Reservations, Revenue Management and e-Commerce teams, you stay ahead of the curve in a fast moving digital environment where continuous learning and a flexible approach allows your entrepreneurial spirit to flourish. In Reservations, your knowledge of your hotel provides our guests with a seamless experience, communicating our timeless elegance with passion and empathy. In Revenue Management and e-Commerce your strategic view of customer journeys, from research to feedback, and your keen eye for balanced and sustainable revenue opportunities, ensure we continue to delight our guests and inspire them to return time and time again.

Inspired opportunities await

You are results oriented and part of a team whose understanding of guests, analytical mindset and big picture insights generate creative ideas that are applied across all business areas. Kempinski gives you the challenge and flexibility to make a real difference in how we drive results and we reward and value your ideas and experience. A natural communicator, you have the curiosity to understand our industry and the personal touches that make Kempinski unique. Your passion for people, learning, and innovation allows you to craft a career with exciting opportunities to develop new standards of business and service across our constellation of remarkable properties.