Assistant Digital Manager

Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing


Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started at Kempinski.

For 14 years, I studied, worked and lived in Toronto, Canada. I did a one-year exchange study for Revenue & Marketing management in the UK, then travelled around the world. I started my career working as a cook in Toronto, gaining four years of operations experience at five-star hotels, and also being part of a pre-opening team for a luxury hotel.

I then started as a receptionist at Kempinski Hotel Jinan in charge of pre-opening Executive Office administration, and was promoted to Personal Assistant of the General Manager last fall. Since this September to today, I am now the Assistant Manager of Marketing & Communication.

What makes Kempinski different for you?

Kempinski has opportunities for people who have passion for this industry. Instead of looking at years of education or experience, they care more about your abilities and willingness to prove yourself. Top management also shares experience and knowledge of leadership skills to support you from the bottom of their heart.

Kempinski is well renowned, and I am so proud to be a part of such a hotel chain. Before, when I mentioned to people that I was working in the hospitality industry, the brand names of my previous employers weren’t much of a conversation starter until I started with Kempinski. So much praise and interest is involved and it makes me proud to be a part of something with such a good reputation.

Kempinski is like family to me. At Kempinski Hotel Jinan, I feel as if I am taken care of by both the hotel management team and the regional team, like family members. They mentor me by being supportive and teaching me new things, always highlighting my best abilities. If it weren’t for this team, I wouldn’t develop as fast.

Any words for anyone considering a career with Kempinski?

Kempinski gives me a lot of excitement and recognition. There are always challenging tasks for you to complete, but they’re always paired with team recognition. When I first started taking responsibility for the Marketing and Communications Department, I had to put together a ceremony and promotion event within 48 hours. The entire management team gave me full support and worked late hours to make it happen on a Saturday. They voluntarily helped me, and it made me feel as if we were a family.

If you have a passion for this industry and want to put your talents into action, there will be lots of opportunities for you. Be confident and be prepared, and this will allow you to be successful with the Kempinski brand. For example, when I worked in operations for the front desk, I noticed guests preferred quick check-ins and check-outs with no space for conversation. As part of delivering great service, I proactively tried to engage with guests, and sometimes we received feedback, sometimes not. However, as professionals, we have to continue to be consistent, and with my passion and confidence, I was able to build guest relationships to a point where the guests even knew my name.