Assistant Chief Concierge

Marsa Marlaz Kempinski


Tell us a little bit about your career background 

My name is Sanita Hiasa and I am from the Philippines. It was a game changer when I graduated nursing and moved to the hospitality industry with no experience. The only thing I had was the courage that my heart called me to be part of it. I started as a telephone operator when I received a call from Kempinski Residence & Suites Doha offering me a position as a Business Center Agent. Without any doubt, I accepted the offer and got the job. It was a roller coaster experience and, after six months, I got an offer from Marsa Malaz Kempinski the Pearl Doha to become the Airport Ambassador, which was meant to be “The First Impression of the Guest”. It was a challenging time for me as I was used to working at the back of the house and now being on the floor was a big task to know not just the hotel but the whole airport I was assigned to. After two years, I was given the chance to become Concierge Agent and a member of Les Clefs d’Or Qatar. With the help of the management, I went from a passionate Concierge Agent to Assistant Chief Concierge in a year. And now I am part of the Executive Committee of Les Clefs d’Or Qatar. 

What was a memorable moment with Kempinski? 

Last year, I had the privilege of welcoming the USA Soccer Players for the FIFA World Cup 2022. This opportunity was one in a million chances. Welcoming them from the airport to the hotel with a private escort by the police made me feel like an important person since I was with the players in a car as well as being surrounded by bodyguards. Having conversations with these players was a dream come true that I never expected to have in my life. Being trusted by Marsa Malaz Kempinski to manage the airport pick-up journey for all the USA players was a big opportunity and responsibility for me.  This was the most memorable Kempinski moment I will carry with my whole life. 

What’s your favourite thing about your job? 

My favourite thing about my job is making impossible things possible, making simple things extravagant and memorable, and making the guest’s stay unforgettable. I love that Marsa Malaz Kempinski does not let you stop learning. They appreciate your effort and hard work. They guide you to grow your career. Marsa Malaz Kempinski helps me come out of my shell, gives me self-esteem and lives with DNA. Proudly, I can say I am one of the FO team members who has been nominated as employee of the year, won a “My Moment,” been the most mentioned name on social media for two consecutive months, become a certified trainer and become a concierge, collaborated on by Qatar Tourism and Al Rayyan University. Kempinski believes in me and is the reason why I stay and love my work.

Favourite Guest Moment?

The guests stayed with us for four nights. On their first day, they asked me for a map and I assisted them with some tourist attractions. During our conversation, I noticed that the couple had difficulty speaking. I could feel how hard it was for them to talk and, as I observed they were not comfortable, I took their WhatsApp number and started communicating with them every now and then for everything they needed for the day. On the second day, they started to talk to me more and were comfortable this time. 

After chit-chatting personally and getting to know them better, I found out that they were on their honeymoon. When I arranged a city tour trip for them, I contacted the tour guide to send me some pictures of them secretly as I would like to create a wow moment for them. I created a frame with a Doha map and places where they went to visit, then placed some balloons, fruits and a congratulations cake with a card. They were both very happy & thankful for making their stay amazing. They were so touched by the gesture and even removed their masks to show how they appreciated me with teary eyes and said “you make us feel that we are not different and we are normal.”