Sebastian, Demi Chef de Rang & Junior Sommelier

Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden

Your development inspires us

What do you love most about what you do?

I always knew I wanted to build a career in hospitality. I love everything about it, but especially food and beverage. Growing up, my family had a small hotel and restaurant so you could say I grew up in this business. Today one of my favourite things to do is still just to go to dinner with close friends, eat good food and drink nice wine. Even in my spare time I enjoy reading and learning more about food and wine all over the world. It’s what I do for work, but it’s also my passion. I’m just beginning my career, but every day that I come to work, I look at the incredible surroundings and feel lucky that I get to work in a place where most people come to vacation.

What is your most memorable Kempinski moment?

Shortly after I started my apprenticeship in Berchtesgaden, I began working in Le Ciel, the Michelin Star restaurant. I was nervous at first and afraid to make mistakes, but Ulrich (Executive Chef) has taught me so much about food and wine and service. One evening while I was still quite new, we were preparing for an important group in the restaurant and our Chef Sommelier was absent. Even though I was simply an apprentice, Ulrich encouraged me to fill in and complete the wine pairing and service for the group. I felt encouraged and supported and in the end the dinner was very successful. I felt proud to be able to contribute to it.

I do not have one favourite moment since I joined Kempinski, but rather many small moments that contribute to the overall experience – when guests are happy with my service, when my leader believes in me, when I receive confirmation that I’m doing my job well.