Pastry Chef

Kempinski Palace Portorož


Tell us a little more about you and your career background.

After specialising in gastronomy and tourism during my hospitality studies, I earned a diploma in hospitality management. Despite my academic background, my true passion lies in baking and creating desserts, which led me to pursue a career in pastry. Encouraged by my uncle, I joined a remarkable hotel ten years ago and have since served as a pastry chef for six years. Working at Kempinski Palace Portorož is particularly meaningful due to a deep familial connection–my grandmother once worked here as a sous chef. While my primary role was here, I briefly ventured to Switzerland for a task force assignment and had a short stint in Dubai as a guest.


What is your favourite thing about your job?

A significant memory stands out from my last International Pastry Chef Competition a few years ago. Competing in the dessert and main course categories, I emerged victorious, making history as the first female pastry chef to receive such recognition. Upon returning to the hotel, my colleagues surprised me with a delightful party, making me feel truly valued and respected. Another unforgettable experience was at a gingerbread workshop for children. A young boy from Austria and his grandmother, regular attendees, eagerly awaited the event each year. Their heartwarming reunion, along with a framed photo from the previous year and a chocolate gift, left a lasting impact on me, filling my heart with warmth. Additionally, being awarded Team of the Month was a proud moment, acknowledging the tireless effort and dedication of my team.


How is Kempinski different from other places where you have worked?

Working at Kempinski provides a distinctive perspective that influences our thinking both within and beyond the hotel. This consistency fosters a feeling of relevance and motivates employees to view life from new angles. The strong bond among Kempinski Hotel staff is remarkable; we share a profound connection, learn together, celebrate achievements and offer mutual support. Our collective joy emanates positive vibes to our guests, ensuring their contentment. Among the DNA Kempinski values, I particularly appreciate its focus on people. As a pastry chef, I recognise the significance of desserts in concluding a meal. Personalising the experience according to guests’ preferences is crucial for their overall satisfaction. Interacting with guests from various backgrounds allows me to spread happiness and forge meaningful connections.


What advice would you give to someone considering joining or someone who has just joined Kempinski?

Kempinski Palace Portorož is a real gem with a rich history, seamlessly blended with breathtaking architecture. When you join our team, you become an integral part of this famous story and embody the essence of our local heritage. Our hotel exudes an Istrian spirit that resonates with guests from Slovenia and beyond. However, the real treasure lies in our united team. We share a deep bond, like a close-knit family, supporting each other through joys and challenges. This sense of unity is invaluable, making Kempinski Palace Portorož not just a workplace but a home full of warmth.


Any interesting facts about your hotel property?

Our hotel is a cherished part of our town’s history, often featured on postcards and deeply ingrained in the collective memory of Portorož. It serves as a recognisable symbol, with our famous park adding to its charm. Particularly beloved is our traditional staircase, a frequent subject of photographs, symbolising the timeless elegance of our establishment.